We design extraordinary champagne coolers.

Make your presentation of champagne an absolute highlight for your dear guests! We design champagne coolers individually according to your ideas.

Presenting champagne should be a highlight

As a designer with many years of experience in metal casting, I use creativity and the latest technology to create highly individual champagne coolers.

The resulting very high-quality products are all unique, with which you can significantly underline your demand for individuality. Even if you got some ideas in your head, that have never been realized be: I love to make your ideas come true.

There are hardly any limitations in terms of design, colour, decor or material. Your corporate design with your brand can also be integrated. We implement your ideas with the highest precision.

Since each order is highly individual, we discuss and clarify concrete details regarding production, conditions, implementation time and delivery conditions with you personally.
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Have a look at the following examples!

Champagne Cooler Herkules
Champagne Cooler Herkules
Champagne Cooler Koi
Champagne Cooler Thor

You have questions about the products? You have some ideas in your mind how to create your own unique specimen? You would love to have your brand on your champagne cooler?

Please do not hesitate to contact us.