I love to create your unique masterpiece.

I love to create your unique masterpiece.

Decades of experience

Using old craftsmanship and the latest technology, unique pieces are created using the metal casting process. In close cooperation with clients, I translate two- to three-dimensional designs of almost any size using all conceivable suitable materials (iron, aluminium, copper, tin, bronze and many others).

Through my decades of experience in the production of models and prototypes for the industry, I can advise my customers how their ideas can be realized.

The casting process

When full mould casting is used, the model is made of polystyrene, surrounded with any moulding material and then covered with melt without removing the model. The model burns and gets lost. In this casting process, a new model is always made, so it will always be unique.

The techniques

The manufacturing processes range from classical craftsmanship to computer-aided processes such as 3D CAD and CBC milling. If required, I work closely with specialists in their field to create a masterpiece for you.

You got some ideas in your head, that have never been realized before? No worries, please do not hesitate to contact me. I love to take on new challenges.

The materials

There are practically no limits to the variety of materials: from wood, plastics and various metals to artificial, natural stone and the lightweight carbon. In addition, all conceivable combinations can be used.

Design and Branding

I also offer the greatest flexibility with regard to the appearance of your production. The designs shown on this website are only examples – you are welcome to tell me your individual wishes regarding size, colour and decor as well as shape. Would you like your brand to be presented on the product? Of course, I can implement this for you in a variety of ways.

You have questions about the products? You have some ideas in your mind how to create your own unique specimen? You would love to have your brand on your champagne cooler?

Please do not hesitate to contact us.